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We are Mariano Cadeneau and Mariel Olivera, a software engineer and a literary translator who decided to become digital nomads and work online while we travel. We’ve been documenting our trips on this blog for 5 years already.

We’re longing to visit Europe and stay there for a while, but not before we visit all the countries in South America, we’re very close to achieve this.

In “El Gran Viaje” (The great journey) there are more than 120 entries: mostly chronicles and travel guides, although we also have inspirational articles that help and help others to achieve their dreams and start travelling the world.

This blog is part of La Comunidad Viajera (The Travel Community) since August 2014. It’s a travel bloggers community with more tan 50,000 followers.

Also, commited with the travel bloggers professional role in the market, Mariano was co-founder and Tech Lead of Hispanic Travel Bloggers. This company represents, associates and helps travellers become professionals who share their experiences and links them with organizations that are interested in promoting their brands through content creation.  The blog is currently associated with this latter organization.


Our story has appreared in the Media a number of times, in newspapers as well as in radio, other blogs and specialized sites:


Many companies have chosen to work with us, by sponsored posts or links, improving their online presence through links to their websites from our blog.


We have also collaborated with the marketing of different accomodations, tour agencies and restaurants on our way. In this case, we tell about our personal experiences after we take a tour, stay on a hotel in different destinations we visit and taste some food on a local restaurant.


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First of all, we should clarify: we don’t publish other people’s content, because everything you will find on this blog is our own content and 100% real. We don’t write either about topics we or our readers aren’t interested of.

We can help you advertise a brand, product or service in different ways. Next, we will tell you the main ones, but if you can think about another one, please drop us a line with your proposal to [email protected].


For those who want to be our sponsors and contribute regularly with our travel life, we can give you an exclusive spot on our blog’s main page and our social networks.


Can you provide us with a product or service we can use while we travel? In this case, you can be our promoter, so we can use it while we travel and tell our experience in our media.


We can tell about the brand in our blog and social media through an advertising (link, banner or sponsored post). Just take in consideration this brand has to be related with travelling and be of interest for our readers.

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It’s been almost a year since Mariano became the Co-founder of Tipica Web, an agency that provides web solutions to entrepreneurs and PyMEs (small and médium sized companies), and he is the technological ally of many online businesses. Their services include: web hosting, web design and web support, among others.

Mariel has been offering Spanish and English lessons for some years already, and more recently, she decided to work only online, by using Skype/Hangouts and having interactive material as support. Also, she does translations of different specialties, in general from English and Portuguese into Spanish. Come and visit her website.


For more information about how we can collaborate with you or any other questions, drop us a line.